About Us

The genesis of the Whisky Event is a story that began with a kernel of an idea and woven with the threads of ambition and a desire to create a haven for those who appreciate the artistry of whisky.

It began with a shared belief that the amber elixir is more than just a drink; it’s a cultural treasure, a historical journey, and experimental adventure in every golden drop.

The founders envisioned an event that would invite fellow enthusiasts to share in the magic of this exalted spirit.


Countless hours were dedicated to curating an event that would not only showcase a carefully selected array of whiskies, but also provide a platform for distillers and experts to share their knowledge and passion for their craft and product. As the curtains rose on the inaugural Whisky Event, it was not just a gathering of individuals with a shared interest, but a culmination of dreams, expertise, and shared passion. It was the catalyst that made the Whisky Event an annual home for enthusiasts from all walks of life to raise a glass to the golden nectar that brings us all together.


Our second successful event showcased a number of acclaimed distilleries, our exhibitor list underwent significant growth, incorporating established industry leaders alongside emerging distilleries. For this edition we proudly presented exclusive offerings from Glendronach, Aberfeldy, and Glen Garioch. We also enriched the event with masterclasses, educational, and immersive experiences.

2020 - 2022

Despite the constraints imposed by Covid restrictions, our team remained isolated in their vision to advance and improve the events. They utilised the time to build on past events, to expand on their ideas, and fortifying them to guarantee even greater success for the future.


Following yet another triumphant Whisky Event which featured an impressive array of over 300 whiskies and where attendees were immersed in an extraordinary multi-sensory experience surpassing expectations, the Whisky Event secured the Runner-up position for “Best Event” at the “Spirits Business Awards 2023.”

The event also featured VIP Masterclasses on Prima & Ultima conducted by Diageo Brand Ambassador Colin Dunn, and House of Suntory’s Brand Ambassador Raffaelie Di Monaco showcasing the Yamazaki Tsukuriwake Collection, which proved to be an exceptional and delightful experience for the fortunate participants.


With preparations in full swing, the Fourth Whisky Event is set to surpass the success of its predecessors. The event has expanded its previous reach and will be held in The Great Room at Grosvenor House on Park Lane. The room is twice in size and more luxurious as previous years’ venue to house the varied range of masterclasses and displays. We already have an impressive line-up of exhibitors which include a blend of premium and emerging distilleries, iconic brands, and a spectacular selection of over 600 whiskies from over 60 exhibitors, with the addition of guest spirits and exclusive bottlings. Attracting participants from around the world, this year’s event is poised to be even more extensive, culturally rich and more diverse than ever before.